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306 NW. 84th St.

Seattle WA. 98117

(206) 781-9790

Fax: (206) 297-2810


Reg. # Beautbi933ka

Ubi # 602-702-082

Tin # 20-8446629

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Services and suplies

  • Services
  • Supplies
  • Open 7 days a week by appointment Office
  • Preferred appointment time scheduling
  • 206-781-9790 or (c) 206-920-6613
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and checks
  • A friendly atmosphere with no pressure to purchase
  • Free informational bamboo pamphlets
  • Display your business cards at our nursery
  • Our nursery is certified annually by the Department of Agriculture
  • We are licensed, bonded, insured, registration #beautbi933ka
  • $250.00 consultations, in-person depending on your location
  • Free estimates snail-mailed or emailed to you after consultation
  • Free online consultations if you email us Photographs of your intended worksite area
  • Same day delivery service $100.00 to $200.00 depending on your location
  • Trench digging, Root-barrier installations, Bamboo removalBamboo Removal
  • We transplant, divide, and plant your bamboo in pots while you wait
  • Stainless steel bamboo gate entrance acts as a child- and pet-security feature while you shop
  • Curbside parking
  • We recycle your black plastic 5-gal, 10-gal, 15-gal, empty containers
  • Gift certificates available





bamboo barrier

We sell 24"- and 30"-deep root barriers:

24" - $2.95 per linear foot 40 mil. thick

30" - $3.25 per linear foot 40 mil. thick

Root barrier clamps - $35.00 ea.

Bamboo wind chimes

Bamboo Wind Chimes: $19.99

black plastic pots

Black plastic pots:

25gal. - $20.00

15gal. - $15.00

10gal. - $10.00

7gal. - $7.00

5gal. - $5.00

bamboo poles

Bamboo poles: $10.00 - $45.00

Razor saw

Razor saws:

Bamboo Razor saw - $59.99

Replacement blades - 29.99 ea.


bamboo slammer

Shovels and slammers:

Red-handled, heavy-duty, all-metal, ribbed wolverine shovel - $169.00
(approximate weight 9 lbs)

Bamboo slammer - $595.00


Felco pruners

Hand clippers:

Felco hand clippers (#2 only) - $84.99 ea.



Try our commercial-grade, 24-4-8, nine-month, slow-release, osmakote fertilizer. Sprinkle pellets evenly on soil surface where stalks are growing. Each watering will release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into the soil. Add new pellets every nine months or so.

2 lb. bag - $15.00

Bayer bamboo mite control

Mite control:

Try Bayer "Rose and Flower Care" to control bamboo mite infestations.