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306 NW. 84th St.

Seattle WA. 98117

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Bamboo Varieties

  • Misc. Plants
Mondo grass

One gallon containers of black mondo grass - $9.50 ea.

Blatilla orchid

Three year old Bletilla orchids in bloom in 2009 at our nursery.


Cold hardy Bletilla orchids are available for sale in late April. Flowers appear first to second week in May and bloom for about a month. As of (04/28/2010) our Bletilla orchids are very mature four year old specimens. Largest specimines we've ever had available. A must have in the garden.

$20.00 per stalk (each pot contains between 2 to 6 stalks) Some pots have one or two stalks. One stalk per pot $20.00 - two stalks per pot $40.00 three stalks per pot $60.00. Their worth the investment.

Minature Horstail

A low growing Equisetum that we call miniture horsetail.

1 gal. size containers - $10.00 each